The Choice of a Baby Name

The Choice of a Baby Name
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It’s been 35 weeks. If we consider normal 4-week months, that’s a total of 8 months and 3 weeks. And during all this time, we didn’t have a definitive name for the baby yet. In 2 more weeks the baby is clinically considered 100% ready to come out and face the world. Normally, it is said that pregnancies take 40 weeks, but we’ve been told that after 37 weeks, the baby is just there, lazying around in a Spa and growing fatter. And we don’t want the baby to grow fatter, do we? Maria certainly doesn’t – fat babies only make birth more difficult than it already is!

“Yeah, that’s all very interesting and stuff, but aren’t you forgetting something? Maybe, you know, your baby’s name?”

Yes, yes, the baby definitely needs a name. We’ve been constantly postponing the decision of naming our child. Ok, I admit it was I who was constantly postponing it… I had my reasons! But anyway, we’ve read some things here and there. It wasn’t like we were trying to learn how to name a baby. We were just curious about the subject of baby names. Eventually, each of us drafted a list of baby names we liked. We exchanged our lists and, out of them, we created a third list with only the baby names in common. And there it stood in a new hiatus for a couple more months!

The list had exactly 7 baby names. There were 2 that I really liked, but I kept silent all this time. I had decided to reveal my final choice only when we would be living together. Yes, the final choice was mine because I already knew Maria’s favorite. And, unbeknownst to her, it was mine as well.

It was time to reveal the baby name

We’ve been living together for a couple of weeks now, and after really settling in, I decided it was time. The baby would finally get a name. The moment I told her the name I had chosen out of the list, Maria instantly put a genuine smile on her face, her eyes opened wide and her reaction was “Really? No! You’re kidding, aren’t you? Come on, please tell me you are not joking!”

I wasn’t.

We shall name her Victória, and she shall be ours, and she shall be our Victória!

There are some really cute abbreviations too. Vicky, for one. She shall be our viking! I’m sure she’ll be raiding our patience A LOT too, doing justice to that nickname. On the other hand, I’m pretty sure it will be all worth it. Our hearts were conquered the day we knew she was there – a tiny, tiny bean, just being formed. And everyday our hearts were conquered a bit more. When we got to know her gender. When we turned 30 weeks pregnant. Every time we feel her touch through her mother’s skin…

There’s a victory in every Victória’s moment.

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